know typically mr. Jones humana dental you’ve State Farm here’s what State Farmwill typically do this is typically the way that the process will play out withState Farm and typically in an insurance claim .

ACV is paid out this way or depreciation is held back this way or here’s how the deductible works or here are the items that the insurance company will typically pay for on a roof for example typically the insurance company you

know has to pay for flashing whenever it’srusted damaged and deteriorated because building codes require it right these are all topics that you can find

in some of my other content that I’ve been putting out there but you get the idea you’re properly preparing them on what to expect during that process

and then secondly you want to help prepare them for what to expect in your process now it’s time to bring it more tangible for the customer to help

them visualize how it’s actually going to go so not generally speaking anymore but actually specifically how things are handled within your

process like your company process so you know I’m here today I’mgoing to inspect for damage and this is what I’m gonna do after that you know solike when the way that I would advise doing it and you may have your own

process setup is that I would give thema totally free consultation and in that consultation I’m educating them on what to expect generally speaking with the insurance process that first example Igave to you and then second how