That’s you know dental insurance no waiting period I could talk about this for I could give a ten hour lecture on it number one is are you addressing my problems are you we you under the table.

When I was talking to my wife last night and and and if you can do that and if you can show me cases about me before and afters if you can have videos on there which you know describe.

What the problems were like describe how the treatment was of what life is like after then you focus in on me and I can are more likely to want to go to your practice rather.

Than the practice up the road that just talks about themselves because no one’s no one’s interested in themselves most people interesting what’s in it for me.

That makes sense to it what you got to do is design the idea of the website think about now to the website is to get the clients bit the phone up and say can .

I can you get me in yes I want to come in to see you yeah that’s that’s what it’s all about and most practices in websites is too technical no jargon and yeah .

The words that you use plants don’t understand that they want the problem solving so if you can walk in their shoes look at how your what you at the message you’re given across you more likely to get.

Their clients because that’s really what it’s about most people leave because they’re bored yes so actually moving on from what you just mentioned there .

A web website is now the patient has seen the website yeah come in to the to the surgery and there’s a question of first impressions yes there’s a first impression factor.

With the staff they’re going to meet and then maybe develop that into further into a meeting what would be your recommenders tips regarding how to make .

A world-class first impression yes okay great story okay so you’ve contacted my practice okay my receptionist has been professionally trained she’s had a long conversation.

With you but the conversations taken place in a private room within the practice didn’t take place at reception right all right so the private conversation took place .