My name is Liz flowers humana dental and I started going to doctor plus right after I moved down here for college ever since I was a kid I’ve had a huge gap in my two front teeth the size of

a tic approached me about exploring correctional options and mentioned process was super easy they scanned all of my teeth on this super fancy machine that took a d picture of the inside of my mouth which

was awesome I think I only ended up coming in five or six times throughout a seven-month process which is really convenient I had the a.m. appointment every single time they walked me straight back into the room I

never had to wait it was a quick inand out I work between and hours a week and dr. PLAs has these great early morning appointments I’m always

able to get when I need to so I think twice a week here she’s even opening up at which is even better for busy working people who like to get into the office early you can tell

how much of a relaxed atmosphere it is from the minute you walk in the door I mean the entire lobby looks like a living room not a doctor’s waiting office and a lot of my friends who do have anxiety about dental procedures

I recommend to come here because of all of the technology that makes it really easy even from signing in when you first walk in the door to the house

she can do fillings with lasers now that are completely painless so I tend to send them here I said you can just watch a TV show you don’t hear any drills or anything like that and the procedures she’s doing or a lot less

Painful than anybody else when I come and see a doctor plus I don’t feel like I’m going to a dentist I feel like I’m going to see a friend same thing with

My hygienists I see the same one every time I come in they know my name they greet me when I walk in the door it’s really comfortable I honestly look forward to going to .

The dentist not just crew happy lunchtime hope you guys are having nachos well I got mine up here but it’s Beachbody season guys I can’t have nachos every day just every other day so