my own podcast Ameritas dental called intentional where on iTunes but I’m at the point of wanting to ensure that what I love doing the podcast and coaching others is eventually

going to get me to well maybe a point where it’s lucrative and can support me financially in some way shape or form maybe not totally I still have a full-time job and obviously the three small kids that we have to focus on but

I want to figure out what the next steps are or really what my first steps are I don’t expect anything to happen overnight but I do want to plan wisely for the future of my podcast and a business side note I’m in the process of training to be a yoga instructor so I sort of envision a brand of mindfulness

and wellness one day my questions for you are one when and how do you make the first steps of taking your passion and turning it into something that could be lucrative and to what tips do you have for a new podcaster

like myself thanks so much Paula we love your podcast Miriam welcome to the world of podcasting I think that’s fantastic congratulations that you’ve started your own podcast here’s the thing a lot of people ask me hey how do

I make money from a blog or from a podcast the thing is and I can hear this in your voice as you ask the question it’s clear that the reason that you are starting this podcast is not just to make money but also because you want to

be of service to your audience and ultimately a blog a podcast even social media even Instagram accounts these are all of service to your audience and to your community and yes they are also yours in the it’s an act of creative self-expression but think about it kind of like being a chef right

when you’re a chef sure you get to exercise your own creative liberty as a chef you pick the ingredients you put together the dishes you add your own flair to it and what emerges is this beautiful artistic creation and so as a chef the work of art